Why go Pre-Cast Concrete?

Why go with Pre-Cast Concrete Panels? From the largest infrastructure projects to the smallest architectural details, precast is one of the most versatile and sustainable building materials available for today’s fast-paced, environmentally conscious construction. Pre-Cast Concrete products can withstand the most extreme weather conditions and will last for many decades of constant usage. Mountain View Pre-Cast Panels are all poured and cured inside; therefore we are not dependent on weather conditions, which gives us the ability to pour when needed; hereby providing our customers with the fastest service possible.


  • While other materials deteriorate, lose strength and deflect over time, Pre-Cast Panels continue to grow stronger over time.
  • The amount of weight the panels can handle depends on the structural quality of the panel itself, and does not rely on the quality or strength of the surrounding backfill materials.

Lower Lifetime Costs

  • Installation is quicker and easier, therefore less costly
  • It requires less ongoing maintenance
  • It has a reduced probability of future problems

Easy Installation

  • Installation is a very fast process; it only takes a few days. This, compared to any other conventional wall system (which can take weeks to install), is a very fast way of installing the outside walls of buildings, hereby closing in the building in a short period of time.
  • Also any other materials used to close in a building will require a lot more man power and labor.

Quality Control

  • There are a few important factors that have great impact on the quality of the Concrete Panels. Variables affecting the quality on the job site are temperature, humidity, craftsmanship. These are closely controlled in a plant environment.

Get The Job Done Fast

  • The Panels arrive at the job site ready to be installed, this can save weeks of cast-in-place construction for there is no need to order raw materials such as reinforcing steel and concrete, and no time wasted setting up forms, placing reinforcement, pouring concrete and waiting for the concrete to cure.
  • Mountain View Precast uses a system called Edge Lifting instead of the common way of Face Lifting. This means that the lifting lugs are located on the sides of the panels. This engineer preferred way of lifting makes the risk of stress cracks very low, while with Face Lifting the chance of getting stress cracks lays a lot higher. Another advantage is that there will be less to no clean up time of patching panels, the only time the lifting lugs have to be patched is when they are located in a door way.

Staying Power

  • Studies have shown that Pre-Cast Concrete Products can last over 100 years, hereby providing an excellent service life.
  • Additional design options are available which can extend the life of the product even further. This is important when calculating the life-cycle costs for a project.
  • Although no material is completely immune to the attack from aggressive chemical agents, Precast Concrete Products do resist most substances and can often be designed to resist corrosion with specific applications.